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Olson 25 Owner Registry

Olson 25 Class Association Officers:

Class Fleet Leader: Steve Smith(Synchronicity)- (650-726-2474) or (605-218-5916)

Class Webmaster: Mike Wilkinson (Paragon)-

Class Mailing Address List Keeper: Dave McMurtry(Three Ring Circus)-

Olson 25 Email mailing list:

Anyone interested in the Olson 25 fleet may sign up to be on our E-mail list. It is the best way to stay current with the Olson 25 fleet. Ask questions, get answers, find out about website updates and race changes...

To send mail to everyone on the Olson 25 list, simply address your message to:

The new archive of emails will be available soon.  Check back for more information.

Membership in the list is automated. To join or remove yourself from the E-mail list send an E-mail message to:

  • To join the list, put the following line by itself in the main body of your E-mail message including your full email address:

subscribe olson25 your_email_address

  • To remove yourself, put the following line by itself in the main body of your E-mail message including your full email address:

unsubscribe olson25 your_email_address


Directory of some individual Olson 25 email addresses: (updated 12/3/14)

Hull # Boat Name Picture
(click for more)
Location Year
Boat Owner
1 Fat Sister   Original asking price was $30,000 in Nov. 1984 MORC newsletter 1984 George Olson
2 Alzora

yellow factory boat

  Woodland Hills, CA 1987 Rex Malott
6 Vanishing Point   Sheboygan Yacht Club, Lake Michigan at Sheboygan, WI
Fond du Lac Yacht Club, Fond du Lac, WI
Mike Elmergreen
9 Asta   Corvallis, OR. Owner is in Seattle 1984 Chris Murschel
11 Clean Sweep

was "She's so Fine"

  Now in Santa Cruz was Tom Nemeth
18 Pearl   YRA San Francisco, Fresno Yacht Club, Huntington Lake i.e. High Sierra Regatta Tom Blagg

Originally Bill Riley's boat

22 Hukilau
AKA Anonymous
  Triton Yacht Club, Fern Ridge Res., Corvallis, OR
Bob Ullmer
24 Magpie

was Blind Tiger

  York River Yacht Club, Williamsburg, VA Dan Fox
30 Tricks   Cook Bay Yacht Club, Gilford, Ontario, Canada Paul Cairoli
34 Excalibur   Barrie Yacht Club on Lake Simcoe, Toronto, Ontario

Tom Kjaersgaard

40 Beast Mode
(ex Eticket)
Olympia, WA Andrew Kerr
42 Ohana
AKA Tinker Toy
  Corvallis, OR
Bill Schafer
45 Alchemy   San Francisco Bay, CA
1984 Nick Ancel
was Joe Kitterman
47 Lion
(ex Samba)
  Tiburon Yacht Club, SF Bay 1984 Lon Woodrum & Steve Nimz
50 Achill   Muscle Shoals Sailing Club, TN , PHRF 159 (156 w/o stanchions/lifelines)
Also Portsmouth racer
1985 Gar Bouse

Org. owner

51 n/a Keowee Sailing Club, Seneca, S.C.
Purchased from Boating Atlanta
1985 Tony Rochester


55 Escalation   BC Canada n/a
58 Teacher's Pet   Santa Cruz, CA. Kristen Lenz
61 Mach'Schnell   Fond du Lac Yacht Club, Lake Winnebago, Fond du Lac, WI Mike Nimmer
62 OZONE   Cape Royale Boating Association, Lake Livingston, Houston, TX Lou Von Woglom
68 Synchronicity   San Francisco Bay Steve Smith
Terri Lahey
72 n/a   n/a Nat Gildersleeve
74 Balein   Berkeley, CA Dan Coleman
77 Showtime   Olympia, WA Kyle Reese Casal
78 Bellatrix   Bartlesville, Oklahoma 1985 Rich Treinen
85 n/a   Was in Keowee Sailing Club, S.C.   n/a
89 Paragon Lake Lavon, Dallas, TX 1986 Mike Wilkinson
91 Shadowfax

was George

  San Francisco Bay
Mark Simpson
92 n/a   Detroit, MI Jeff B.
98 Witching Hour   Barrie Yacht Club, Lake Simcoe, Canada Paul Dewaele
104 Knot to Worry   Sequoia Yacht Club, Redwood City, CA
George Sutton
106 AlaKaZam   San Francisco Bay, CA Ralph Kirberg
106E Kerak
was Kodiak's Shadow
was Charaz
was Equipoise
  FDL Yacht Club, Fond du Lac,
Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin
George Winter

Previous owner:
Tim Yanda

109E Surface Tension   Barrie Yacht Club on Lake Simcoe, in Ontario Canada.
I am the second Owner (purchased 2007).
The first Owner was Mike Parks in Minneapolis, he called the boat "My Blew Heaven" and sailed on Lake Minnetonka.
John Florian
114 Legacy (was The Baby ) Great Sacandaga Lake, NY Ed Lange
118 n/a   Bedford, TX Tom Parham
120 n/a   n/a Matt Delaney
121 Shark Bait   OSCS Sailing Club, Berkeley Marina, San Francisco Reed Johnson
125 n/a   Euless, TX Ric Chaplin
n/a Hamburger Haus   Santa Cruz, CA was Jen Jensen
n/a Barking Dog   San Francisco Bay Jeffrey Krober
n/a Avanti!   Carmichael, CA David Smith
n/a American Standard   Folsom, CA Dean & Daria Eppley
n/a MoonChild   Santa Cruz, CA Jim Crowley
n/a n/a  

Salem, OR

n/a Ossian   North Vancouver, British Columbia n/a
n/a Alberbaron   North Vancouver, British Columbia n/a
n/a El Kabong   West Vancouver, British Columbia n/a
n/a Yellow Feaver   Naniamo, British Columbia n/a
n/a Escalation   Kelowna, British Columbia n/a


Past Present
2003 Jens Jensen (Hamburger Haus)
2000 Charles Brochard (Baleineau)
1999 Dave McMurtry (Three Ring Circus)
1998 Jay Aiken (Honey's Money)
1997 Jay Aiken (Honey's Money)
1996 Jeffrey Kroeber (Barking Dog)
1995 Jeffrey Kroeber (Barking Dog)
1994 Bill Blosen (Outbound)
1993 Bill Blosen (Outbound)
1992 Bill Riess (Vivace)
1991 Bill Riess (Vivace)
1990 Shirley Temming (Showtime) (Moore moved back east;Temming filled in)
1990 Keith Moore (Witching Hour)
1989 Bruce Bates (Dog Lips)
1988 Kevin O'Donnell (Scrambler)
1987 Steve Roberts (George)
1986 Dick Duoos (Valkyrie)
1985 Steve Shaw (911)

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Sailing News

The Canadian Olson 25 Nationals are going to be at Barrie Yacht Club in September 2011.
(click for more info)

The 34rd America's Cup protocol stipulates all new yachts. It will be held in San Francisco Sept 7-22, 2013.
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Yacht Facts

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