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I need help with my Olson 25

Olson 25 Maintenance questions or other questions posted for web viewers to give advice or help.

1. My name is Ric Chaplin. I live in Euless, Texas. I've had to make minor repairs to my boat (125) and am trying to match the topside paint... can you help me? What kind of paint would you recommend, what is the color called and where can I get it? If you do not know can you direct me to some one who does? Thanks for your help. I could also use suggestions to help get my boat speed up to par... we race PHRF against capri 25's, S2-7.9, wavelength 24... ric

Reply to Ric by email by clicking here->

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2. Doug Martin (Snow Goose) of Denver, Colorodo wants to replace the top part of his fordeck hatch. Or the whole thing if a same size replacement exists. His dogs are broken. No access to Email or the Web, so call him at: (303) 758-6421.

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3. Hi Bill,Great job with the web page. It proved to be a major distraction to a productive day on Thursday. I thank you for your efforts even if my boss does not. In any event, I own hull # 92 which is now named Total Perspective Vortex. Currently I am racing in the MORC fleets around the Detroit area. Our goal for next year will be the the MORC Internationals so I would be interested in any rig tuning information I could get my hands on. Our current set up has been developed from Scot Tempesta's tuning guide and refined through several years of PHRF racing. That seemed to be working pretty well but after switching sail makers we are starting over and would love to get the insights of the one design fleet as to what works for them. Especially of interest would be the hot set up for forestay length. I know that Bill Reilly's guide calls for the maximum possible, but at what point does this compromise the mast step attachment? Catastrophic rig failure (is there any other kind?) is not in my budget for the upcoming year so some hard numbers would be appreciated. Right now I think that our set up is too short. In years past I would carry about 1/8 of an inch of gap at the front of the step when full backstay was applied. Does that seem consistent with what you are doing? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Additionally, does anybody have a copy of Scot Tempesta's guide laying around? I lent my copy to a crew member and never had it returned. I have found this to be a valuable tool and it would be nice if we could get it published next to Bill Riley's guide on the web page. By the way, whose numbers for shroud tension work better? I have been using Tempesta's and had good results in the past. Well that's all for now. If you should publish this on the web site I'd be interested in hearing from any other owners, especially around the Great Lakes. Specifically I would be interested in getting a class together for the Detroit or Chicago NOOD regatta's. Anybody interested? Drop me a line at UGOTTAREGATTA@HOTMAIL.COM

Thanks for your help,


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4. Bill: Hi, my name is Mike Elmergreen in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. I tried to send this note to Jay Aiken, but I mail was returned, so I thought I would try to reach you. I have been racing an Olson 25 on Lake Winnebago for 3 years now. I have a couple of questions that I wonder if you could answer or direct me to someone else.

I need to buy a new #1 this year. Who is making the hot jibs? I also want to buy a new spinacker, who is good in that area. I sail on a lot of flat water, so a flatter jib would be good, and probably a polyester chute would work fine.

>> North sails makes good sails, so does pineapple. Those are the two main O25 sailmakers on the bay and their sails generally win races. Consider that the sails built by these lofts are designed for heavy air (15-20 knots)

Also, where do I find my hull number? The boat is a 1984 and is now named Vanishing Point (40185). It used to be located in Racine, Wisconsin and then Chicago for a while.

>>Hull numbers are on the top right corner of the transom. The number should read something like PCX0250740585. This means Pacific Boats(PCX) model 025, hull number 074, built in May (05) 1985. There is also Ericson as a builder but I don't know the abbreviation for them, maybe ERC. Hull numbers should be between 1 and about 125.

I really like the boat. We finally won boat of the year at our club this year, and have won numerous regattas on our lake. Lake Winnebago is the biggest lake in Wisconsin and is 12 miles wide and 28 miles long.

Finally, what is the most popular outboard that people are using.

>> People use the lightest weight possible. Usually a 3 or 4 horse 2 stroke, long or short shaft. No particular brand is popular.

Thanks for any help,

Mike Elmergreen

(Boats in the barn, waiting for April)

More later....

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Sailing News

The Canadian Olson 25 Nationals are going to be at Barrie Yacht Club in September 2011.
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The 34rd America's Cup protocol stipulates all new yachts. It will be held in San Francisco Sept 7-22, 2013.
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